Kate Middleton and Prince William lookalikes are being booked up for corporate events, parties and TV appearances ahead of the Royal Wedding.

London lookalike agency Susan Scott told the Evening Standard that bookings for William and Kate lookalikes have gone throught the roof since the happy couple announced their engagement last year.

A spokesman said: “We have been absolutely inundated. About 95 per cent of our bookings are for Williams and Kates.”

Business has certainly been booming for Kate Bevan (pictured with Wills lookalike Andy Walker). The 22 year old gave up her job at a chemist in Stafford to become a professional doppelganger last year after strangers kept mistaking her for Kate Middleton.

She and a William lookalike were recently booked by a Japanese television show to ride along the royal wedding route in a horse-drawn carriage.

“That created loads of interest and commotion,” she told The Evening Standard. “I do really enjoy the work. I just hope it continues but if it doesn’t at least I’ve had great fun along the way.”

Another Royal lookalike unlikely to be enjoying a day off work like everyone else on April 29 is Australian Simon Watkinson.

The 28-year old civil engineer from Islington is capitalising on the fact that he bears more than a passing resemblance to Prince William.

Watkinson, originally from Adelaide, said: “After years of being stopped in the street and jokes from mates in the pub, I finally took the plunge recently and signed up with a lookalikes agency. The response has been incredible and I’ve been inundated with offers for castings and photo shoots.”

But he might want to keep his mouth shut if he wants to be completely convincing as a blue-blood Brit.

“I may look the part, but the Aussie accent might be a bit of a giveaway!”, he said.

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