Kate Middleton celebrated her last few weeks as a single woman with a discreet hen party, held earlier this month.

It is believed that maid of honour, Kate’s sister Pippa Middleton helped organise the event, held at a friend of the royal-to-be.

The fact that the hen night was held in private shows Kate Middleton’s status as someone about to become a member of the Royal family.

It is unlikely that details of the event will be revealed, but it is not thought to have been a drunken affair as Kate isn’t much of a drinker.

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Guests will probably have included old school and university friends.

Rose van Cutsem, whose three-year-old daughter Grace will be bridesmaid at the wedding, would probably have been invited.

Other guests could have included Sir Richard Branson’s daughter Holly and Alicia Fox-Pitt, a schoolfriend from Marlborough College, according to the Daily Telegraph. 

Meanwhile, Prince William is believed to have held his stag party at a Norfolk estate last weekend. Guests were apparently sworn to secrecy about the details of the event.

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