Without the presence of Mark Rylance, I’ve a sneaky suspicion that the quirky, humorously ruminating NICE FISH, set on a frozen Minnesota lake,  would never have made it to the West End, even though it’s a visual treat, with puppets and a tiny distant train adding perspective to the vast icy landscape where old friends Ron (Rylance, red-nosed despite his padded orange outfit and ear-flapped hat) and Erik (Jim Lichtscheidl) drill circular holes down into the waters beneath and hope that the fish will bite.

Short, sometimes wordless, scenes are punctuated by blackouts and, as the seasons change and the sun comes out, they are joined by another old fisherman bearing a Neptune- like sceptre, an official and a kooky young woman reading Moby Dick.

Rylance is Rylance and this idiosyncratic 90 minute whimsy (directed by his wife Claire Van Kampen and co-written with prose poet Louis Jenkins) suits his off-the-wall style. It will doubtless please his many fans though it might not satisfy those wanting something more substantial to get their theatrical teeth into.


Harold Pinter, Panton Street, SW1Y 4DN

Tube: Piccadilly Circus

Until 11th February 2017 

Tickets :- £15 – £59.50 + Premium Seats