The French issue of Closer magazine published topless images of Middleton when she was sunbathing in private grounds in the south of France.

After Closer magazine published the shots, the Irish Daily Star, and an Italian magazine Chi also published the images of the front cover with the caption ‘La Regina E Nuda’ meaning ‘the queen is nude’

Lawyer Aurelien Hamelle, who represents the couple, was quoted explaining that Middleton is a “young woman, and not an object,” in Metro newspaper. The couple are fighting for no more digital copies to be distributed and no more copies of the French version of Closer printed. Hamelle wants the media company Mondadori, who owns the French Closer, to be fined 8,000 euros for every day it does not adhere to these points.

Delphine Pando, the lawyer for Closer argued back that nude pictures were not taboo anymore and that the chateau William and Kate were staying at was not private, as it was in view of a public road.

The verdict of the injunction will be released tomorrow at 11am. Meanwhile, a separate case may be filed against the unidentified photographer.

The Metro newspaper reported that editor of Chi magazine, Alfonso Signorini, said:

“For the first time, the future queen of England was appearing in a natural way, without the constraints of etiquette,” Signorini also called it, “extraordinary reportage”.

This particular issue of Chi included 38 photos of Prince William and Kate Middleton in their private chateau.

Signorini told Sky News: “I am a director of a newspaper not a supermarket, I don’t sell artichokes and carrots, I sell photographic scoops.”

Photo: Getty Images