Kate Winslet’s newest ad for Lancôme shows the British beauty in a way never seen before: airbrushed.

In the past, Winslet has been dead set against post-production editing of her flaws, claiming that her wrinkles, lines, and freckles are a testament to her natural beauty. But the actress has set aside her crusade for her latest glamour ad for the French make-up company.

In the one-minute commercial, a gorgeously nude Winslet, swathed in a pale sheet in a washed-out room luxuriates on the ground, while applying the new lipstick by Lancôme, the poppy shade and her ocean-blue eyes the only things popping in the monochromatic set.

Said the 35-year-old in a Vogue interview, “I’m more aware of things like wrinkles on my face. They’re becoming much more pronounced because that’s the muscle I use most when acting.”

In the past, Winslet has lashed out against a GQ ad that Photoshopped her body to appear slimmer. Winslet said she felt this sort of editing was an inaccurate representation of how she really looked.

“I just didn’t want people to think I was a hypocrite, and that I’d suddenly lost thirty pounds or whatever,” said Winslet. “So I just came out and said, ‘Look, I don’t look like that.’ I’m not mad at the magazine.”

The newest Lancôme ad proves a little perfection doesn’t hurt. The airbrushed Winslet looks—well—flawless. And it seems she is standing by her decision.

“I do think that lipstick is the absolute best friend of femininity,” said Winslet.