Katie Price and Alex Reid are set to go separate ways after only 11 months as a married couple, it has been reported.

Apparently a statement was prepared yesterday to publically break the news.

The reports come only days after the couple returned from, what was meant to be a romantic getaway to the Indian Ocean.

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However, things obviously weren’t so rosy in paradise for the two with Katie admitting that their marriage was on the rocks on Twitter last week.

She wrote: “To answer my fans questions, News of the World did a accurate story Sunday about our marriage in crises (sic)… always look on the bright side xx.”

And rumour has it that things have been pretty sour for a while.

A source told The Sun: “The announcement is a formality. The truth is the marriage has been dead for months.

“Alex hasn’t been intimate with her for a long time and that’s a sure-fire sign with Katie that your card is marked.

“They just never got on once the spotlight disappeared and they were left with the dull reality of their relationship.”

The whirlwind affair of the glamour model and the cage fighter began only five months after Katie Price’s divorce from Peter Andre. Seven months later Katie and Alex married in a Las Vegas ceremony.

But according to the latest reports, it’s unlikely that the fame-addicted couple will make it to their first anniversary on February 2.