Katie Price, notorious man-eater, has allegedly ditched new Argentinean beau Leandro Penna for Amir Khan’s best mate.

According to Khan, his boy Saj Mohamed and Price are currently “in a relationship,” which will sure come as news to Penna who started dating the glamour model less than a month ago.

Khan claimed on Twitter that the model agreed to a dinner date with Mohamed and that the two will be announcing their relationship publically in the next few days.

A close friend of Price dismissed the hype as “lads’ banter,” reassuring fans that Price and Penna are still going strong.

Mohamed spoke for himself when he tweeted, “Katie is and will always b the love of my life.”

The comments about his new relationship with the 32-year-old model began after Mohamed dubbed her new toy boy a “little bitch.”

Mohamed, 24, has chosen a good time to stir things up between Price and Penna, as Penna recently announced to friends that he wants to return to Argentina to be with his family and pursue his career.

Penna, 25, added, “In Argentina, I’m more famous than Katie is here. I have my own career which is actually going very well.“

Price was present for this comment but couldn’t understand what Penna was saying because she doesn’t speak Spanish.