Match is giving Londoners a sweet slice of Yankee dating culture on home soil on Thanksgiving (26 November). The evening will combine speed dating with America’s most loved desserts to create a dating event that singles might find shorter than the average date, and most certainly sweeter.

They will be given eight minutes to get to know each other, while at the same time sharing a classic American desert, all of which of course will come with two spoons! So whether you are chatting about your favourite hobbies over a Pumpkin Pie, or describing the last film you watched while enjoying a New York Cheesecake, your sweet tooth is sure to be satisfied!

The evening looks set to be  not only a celebration of the American national holiday, but also embraces the U.S. attitude towards dating. Earlier this year Match sent its ‘Date Explorer’, Laila Swan, around the world to experience different dating cultures after research showed that Brits are stuck in a dating rut.  One of the cities Laila visited was New York where she discovered that dates are kept brief, usually just involving a drink, with dinner-dates off the table in the Big Apple. As a result, Match decided to put these findings into action.

Kate Taylor, dating expert at Match says: “Dating doesn’t need to be about long, drawn-out dinners or bottomless drinks. Sometimes all you need is a few minutes with someone to experience enough chemistry to secure a second date. And what better way to do it than over an American pudding – who needs dinner when you can go straight to dessert!”


What: Celebrate Thanksgiving by speed-dating singles while delving into America’s favourite desserts

When: Thursday 26 November – 7pm until late
Where: Love Die Late, 114 Great Portland St, London, W1W 6PH
Who: Both Match and non-Match members are welcome
How much?: £8 (includes 1x free drink)