Getting There


Unless you visit Kenya as part of an overland tour, you will most likely be flying in to the country. The main entry point is the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi. If you’re heading straight to the beach you might fly into Moi International Airport near Mombasa. The national carrier is Kenya Airways but many other airlines fly into Kenya.


Getting Around


Using Kenya’s domestic airlines could save you some time. Domestic flights are operated by the following carriers: Kenya Airways, Airkenya and Mombasa Air Safari.


Nairobi’s bus service is run by Kenya Bus Services (KBS) covering the suburbs and outer areas during the day. They also offer long-haul services to many of the major towns and cities in Kenya. There are also a variety of private bus companies operating. Reservations aren’t usually necessary, except on some of the major routes where you should book a day ahead.


With one notable route (Nairobi-Mombasa) train travel is considerably slower than travelling by road. There are 3 classes however 1st & 2nd are generally recommended.


Taxis are plentiful in Nairobi & Monbasa and you can usually find a local taxi in even the smallest of towns. Fares are negotiable and vary between KSh300-KSh500. Agree the fare before you set off.

Matutus are used widely by the locals – these can vary from beaten-up small cars to large minibuses and will cover most routes. Fare range from KSh40 up to KSh100 for the longer routes.

Boda-Boda are the bicycle or motorcycle taxis found along the coast and in the smaller towns, fares are usually around KSh80 mark.

Tuk-Tuk – more familiar in Asian countries, Kenya has it’s share of Tuk-Tuks, fares are negotiable but should be much cheaper than the equivalent taxi fare. Not recommended for long journeys though!

You can hire a car in Kenya but make sure you have insurance and a neck brace — the roads are pretty bumpy. Otherwise it is possible, and not as costly as you’d think, to hire a driver. Even if you just want to do an afternoon of sightseeing in Nairobi, you’ll be able to find a driver who will drop you off and wait for you (even while you have dinner!).

Avoid driving at night.

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