As a TNT reader at no point, ever, have you considered having anything to do with mind-altering substances – we know that; you’re fine upstanding people.

But nevertheless anything mind-altering has you fascinated – and what could be better than having the botanical experts at Kew explain everything you need to know (for curiosity’s sake)?

The Intoxication Season will explore the secret history behind mind-altering plants and fungi, from the opium poppy with chemical powers that have shaken economic and political worlds for centuries, to extraordinary ‘ordinary’ plants such as coffee and tobacco, cemented in culture, consumed by humans every day for their effects.

And if you want to try some, Bompas and Parr host the Plant Connoisseurs’ Club in the Secluded Glasshouse, where participants (over-18s only, costs £5pp) are invited to sample some of the unusual plants. 

This weekend, the spotlight is on cannabis – and there’s a bar.

The programme is pretty jam-packed, so see for more info.


When: Until 12 October

Where: Kew Gardens

Tube: Kew Gardens

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