Dotcom, whose real name is Kim Schmitz, is fighting extradition to the USA due to copyright violations from his now-defunct file sharing website Megaupload.

Dotcom’s home was raided by New Zealand’s Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) in 2012 when he was accused of copyright infringement and costing the entertainment industry $500 million through piracy.

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Dotcom was permitted to speak for 15 minutes at the hearing. He asserted that the prime minister had not been telling the truth when he said publicly that he was unaware of Dotcom’s existence prior to the GCSB raid in January 2012.

“I didn’t,” said John Key.

“Why are you turning red, Prime Minister?” cheekily retorted Dotcom.

Key replied “Why are you sweating?”

“I’m hot,” said Dotcom, pointing to a wollen scarf around his neck.

“He lied to all New Zealanders when he said he didn’t know about me,” said Dotcom following the confrontation in parliament.

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