The Kings of Leon documentary, Talihina Sky, will premiere at the Edinburgh Festival Hall on Saturday June 25 when the band will take part in a live Q&A with their fans via satellite to cinemas across the country.

Talihina Sky charts the lives of Kings of Leon, from the band’s strict Pentecostal upbringing in Oklahoma and Tennessee to their current stadium-filling success. Most of the footage was filmed by Kings of Leon themselves on handheld cameras.

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Talihina Sky shows the Followill brothers Caleb, Nathan, Jared and their cousin Matthew in their early Christian-music careers when the boys would fall into raptures in church and speak in tongues.

Watch the Talihina Sky trailer here


The band revealed how they reconcile their face with being rock stars.

“As soon as I knew we were getting a record deal I never slept. I knew I was going to hell and I wasn’t going to be a preacher,” Caleb said.

“You can’t reconcile it, you have to basically ignore it,” Jared said.

"Obviously if we still had the same beliefs as before then we'd have to quit the band and start going to church. You just have to act as if that didn’t happen, live our lives for now and think that maybe one day if you decide to you could go back to that.”

Playing to 65,000 people in Hyde Park last night, Kings of Leon paid tribute to their friend, recently deceased Jackass star Ryan Dunn.

The band asked the crowd to "raise a glass" to Dunn before dedicating Use Somebody to him.