The 74-year old “known anti-royalist” was lurking around the Auckland quayside about an hour before the couple arrived to greet crowds.

The New Zealand Police released a statement saying that the man, from the Mangere suburb of Auckland, will appear in the city’s district court on Tuesday “charged with preparing to commit a crime, namely assault”.

“Arresting officers had identified the man as a known anti-royalist who was, when arrested, at a royal itinerary venue although neither of the royal visitors was in the vicinity at the time.”

He wasn’t the only one displeased with the royal visit – a small group of protesters held up placards urging the royals to “get a job” during the walkabout, reports The Guardian.

One of the protesters’  signs read “Get a Job Royal Bludgers”, a New Zealand slang term for someone who avoids work.

Other Kiwis were more supportive – Rugby sevens player Linda Itunu hugged Prince Charles, but left the side of his face damp with her sweat. She apologised and wiped his face, explaining she’d been lifting weight sin the gym earlier.



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