Key is supposed to have made the remarks on a recent visit to a school in Auckland in reference to a meeting he had with Beckham in 2008 when his current team, the LA Galaxy, were in town to battle the local Oceania All-Stars.  

When asked about his words, Key refused to either confirm or deny that they came from him. He appeared on a Sunday breakfast show saying, “That is someone that thinks they have overheard a conversation I have had. I am not going to engage in that because otherwise I am engaging in every conversation that someone thinks I have.’

This latest mishap comes days after Key angered the LGBTQ community by calling a radio presenter’s jacket ‘gay.’ The series of offensive comments led to some on Twitter branding the PM as New Zealand’s own Borat.

David Beckham’s camp brushed off the personal attack, with his London media guru Simon Oliveira going as far as to say, “It’s not worthy of comment.”

The incident is being called insulting to both Beckham and bats.