Nattily named ‘meet and seat’, it seems the carrier is expanding its services to include matchmaking.

Passengers can use the tool to pick their ideal plane partner, based on access to social networking profiles that will reveal common interests. And – more likely to be a popular way of picking travel buddies – if they are fit.

Thankfully, there will be an opt-out option for those not so keen on buddying up. We reckon those who decline should avoid plugging in and instead watch the live in-flight entertainment: imagine getting stuck on a really shit internet date in a metal tube in the air for six hours. Bleak.

KLM isn’t the first airline to weave Facebook into its services. Malaysian Airlines is reportedly introducing a service whereby Facebook will allow passengers to check if they have any friends booked on their flight or visiting the same holiday spot at the same time.

KLM’s ‘meet and seat’ is slated to launch next year.