Gregory Todd turned up to Hull Crown Court with a white gold diamond ring with the intention of proposing to Tiffany Baillie, who admitted GBH with intent in court.

He had to wait 24 hours for an answer, having relayed the proposal through his girlfriend’s barrister, but was told ‘yes’ by Baillie during a telephone call from Newhall Prison.

Todd said he would marry Baillie as soon as she leaves prison, after the judge jailed her for three years for stabbing him.

Following the sentencing, he told reporters: “I hoped to give her the ring today, if she had got a suspended sentence. I asked the judge if I could give it to her in court, but he said no. The barrister took the ring to the cells and she tried it on. It fits. Now I have got the ring back but no Tiffany.”

Judge Michael Mettyear, who handed down the sentence, said: “You must realise what you did could have killed him or caused him long-term serious injury. I will sentence you on the basis he has fully recovered or nearly recovered from the attack. The offence was aggravated by the use of a knife and the fact he was asleep at the time of the stabbing.”

Baillie had been depressed after a miscarriage when she stabbed Todd, who spent three months in hospital after the attack with a damaged pancreas and spleen.