Knightmare Live is back with a brand new show and concept which offers you the chance to wear the iconic helmet of justice and play the dungeon.

This time the game has changed. Every show is different, every room holds a new challenge. Fancy your chances, watchers of illusion? The critically acclaimed comedy stage adaption of the 80’s cult TV classic is now bigger and better than ever. Multiple contestants will be able to take part in an entirely improvised adventure against Lord Fear or one of the other agents of evil.

Expect the usual cavalcade of adventure, characters, puzzles and monsters in this critically acclaimed stage adaption of the cult TV classic, the doors to the world of adventure are open again, but do you dare enter? 

Hosted by Treguard (Paul Flannery of Rayguns Look Real Enough, “musically talented… thoroughly entertaining” ««««Three Weeks, London Cabaret Awards Nominee) and featuring an all-star comedian cast guiding an audience member Dungeoneer through Lord Fear’s epic realm, Knightmare live promises to recapture the essence of everyone’s favourite pre-CGI helmet based role-playing children’s television show.

If you loved the original Knightmare, you’ll adore the nostalgia value of the original props and in-jokes, but what makes Knightmare Live really great is the ad-libbing from the cast, whose banter never misses a beat as they playfully mess with the rules of the game. «««« The Independent

It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. ««««« The Skinny

Udderbelly Southbank, Sunday 24 April – Sunday 17 July at 7:45pm.