Hundreds of Lady Gaga fans waved balloons and sang songs including Bad Romance as they waited outside Harrods, where Gaga was due to launch her new perfume, Lady Gaga Fame.

However the crowd turned (mildly) nasty when Gaga arrived more than an hour late and, instead of stopping to greet fans, stalked straight up the black carpet into Harrods.

Some fans had been waiting for more than five hours and the disgruntled monsters made their feelings known in a chorus of boos.

Gaga was due to arrive at the central London luxury store at 7.45pm on Sunday evening but her horse and carriage didn’t make its appearance until 8.45pm. The singer then headed straight into Harrods where she was hosting a tea party for 75 competition winners.

Gaga’s perfume, Lady Gaga Fame – which is black but goes clear after being sprayed – has sold six million bottles in its first week.

The singer has had a tough few days of it after vomiting on stage four times during a concert in Barcelona last week. Gaga was also pelted with sausages, possibly in reference to her much-discussed weight gain, but she laughed it off, tweeting: “SPAIN, you took the p*** outta me. Thats some hard bodied pop stuff. I’ll never forget tonight Barcelona. FOREVER.”