She will also be discussing how important it is for photographers to develop a consistent, coherent personal style that demonstrates a passion and talent in the area of photography they choose to work in.

She’ll also be explaining the essential functionality and structure of a website to help attract art buyers and photo editors.

Zoe will answer the following questions…

What are the markets for a professional photographer?
What is the commercial market looking for in a photographer?
What characteristics in a photographer do art buyers and photo editors for look for?
What are the essential elements of a compelling website?
What does a photographer’s rep/agent do and when is the right time to find one?
What are the best ways to market your work?

When: May 22, from 7pm – 9.30pm

Where: The Crypt, Borough High Street, London

Ticket prices: Previous exhibitors (including May 2014) £25; non-exhibitors £35. Click here for more information and to book

Image credit: Thinkstock