Leatherpride is a festival celebrating everything fetish-related.

But don’t panic, kinkwear fans, this event isn’t just limited to leather. If you turn up wearing something slippery, rubbery, covered in chains or even just easily removed, you’ll still be allowed join in all the nasty fun.

Why: Heaps of deeply sleazy events are taking place, like the Whip and Bondage Workshop in Dirty Dicks bar.

You can also party at Club Fuxxx’s Hard On night, where everyone sits around chatting over glasses of organic cider. Just kidding.

The main event is the mega Ruff! The Party. Dress accordingly.

Do it because: You’ve got certain needs that just aren’t quite being met in Wanstead.

You look awesome in a gimp mask and want to show off your new look to an appreciative audience.

Or perhaps you just want to learn a thing or two about behaving badly.

Nov 2 – 4
Amsterdam, Netherlands


Image: Thinkstock