Leslie Nielson has died, aged 84, and celebrities have been tweeting their respects throughout the day.

Nielson, from Canada, is famous for Naked Gun and Airplane! and had a career spanning 60 years.

Nielsen died in Florida on Sunday night after suffering from pneumonia, surrounded by friends and family.

Nielson’s role in Airplane! gave the world some classic one-liners. When Nielsen’s character asks character Ted Striker to fly a plane, Striker replies, “Surely you can’t be serious.”

“I am serious,” Nielsen responds, “and don’t call me Shirley.”

Today, Russell Brand tweeted: “RIP. Leslie Nielsen. Shirley, he will be missed.”

Slash of Guns n’ Roses fame said: “RIP Leslie Nielsen, one of my all time favorite comedians. U my friend, will be missed big time. Wow, what a loss. (& don’t call me Shirley.)”

E! News’ Ryan Seacrest tweeted: “Sad to hear about Leslie Nielsen passing. To this day Airplane is still one of my favorite comedies ever.”