The actress will be followed by JK Rowling and Max Mosely as the Inquiry investigates phone hacking at News of the World and other newspapers.

Miller described how she began accusing friends and family of selling stories to the papers, after intimate details found their way into the press.

She said she began to feel as if she lived in a “computer game” as gangs of men carrying cameras routinely followed her everywhere.

“I would often find myself – I was 21 – at midnight, running down a dark street on my own with 10 big men chasing me, but the fact they had cameras meant it was legal,” Miller told the phone hacking inquiry.

“Take that away and what you got? A pack of men chasing a woman, and obviously that’s a terrifying situation.”

In reference the £100,000 payout Miller has already received from the News Of The World over the phone hacking scandal, the actress said she had been, “very nervous of taking on an empire that was richer and more powerful than I will ever be”.

Today’s hearing began with a closed session of testimony from a man known only as ‘HJK’, whose phone was allegedly hacked while he was in a relationship with a well-known figure.

The inquiry will hear testimony from Max Mosley, who was awarded £60,000 in privacy damages over a News of the World story claiming he took part in a ‘Nazi orgy’.

JK Rowling will also appear.