F1 hotshot Lewis Hamilton and his high-profile singer girlfriend Nicole Sherzinger have split up.

The reasons are unconfirmed as yet but media reports are suggesting that Hamilton is blaming X Factor supremo Simon Cowell for having a major role in the split.

The Mirror is reporting that Hamilton reckons 52-year-old Cowell’s move to offer Scherzinger, 33, a judging job on X Factor USA put “immeasurable strain” on the couple’s relationship.

It’s been a busy year for the couple.  Hawaiian-born Scherzinger has released and promoted her debut solo album, Killer Love, and filmed a part in Men In Black III


Hamilton who has appeared unsettled inecent weeks, has been touring the globe with his F1 team McLaren and after a miserable run of results was back on the podium last Sunday after coming second at the Korean Grand Prix.

Hamilton is based in the Swiss city of Geneva whereas Nicole has a home in the Hollywood Hills.

It means they have barely seen one another in person since May.

Last night, a source close to the couple confirmed: “Lewis and Nicole have been having problems for the past six weeks. Increasingly hectic schedules this year have meant limited face-to-face time.

The source said Skype had been their primary source of contact.

“Sadly, Nicole’s job on X Factor USA – which, professionally, has been an unmitigated success – appears to have come at the cost of her relationship.

“Nicole was under enormous pressure to succeed and was desperate to please Simon, her boss.

“But Lewis found their intense working relationship hard to contend with. This, plus Lewis’s crazy international jet-set lifestyle, put immeasurable strain on the pair.

Multi-millionaire Lewis, who was said to be in a “vile mood” after last weekend’s Korean Grand Prix, recently said he was a long way off wanting to start a family.

Meanwhile, Nicole has become friends with host Steve Jones, who is said to have a crush on her.