Libyan rebels are primed to advance on the Gaddafi stronghold of Bani Walid after talks over the town’s surrender broke down.

NTC negotiator Mahmoud Abdul Azil told Sky news that anti-Gaddafi were gathered outside the town ready to attack.

"We are waiting for the order for our commanders to go into the city. We have told them we are coming.”

"Everyone should stay at home. Hopefully it will be done without bloodshed."

100 Gaddafi loyalists are believed to be based in the town dominated by the Warfala tribe who are reportedly divided over surrendering to rebels.

The NTC’s Colonel Ahmed Bani said he expected the Warfala to surrender.

"They will give up at the end because they are cousins and they don't want to spill each other's blood," he said.

Bani Walid is one of few remaining areas still in the hands of pro Col Gaddafi.

The town was given until the weekend to surrender.

Nato reportedly bombed targets in and around Gaddafi held areas but its mandate to protect Libyan citizens from the regime runs out on September 27.


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