Gaddafi’s 42 year reign over Libya will be over within a week, rebels claim as they turn their attentions on the few pockets of the country still under loyalist control.

"I think this thug, this killer knows that he has nowhere to go," finance and oil minister for the opposition's National Transitional Council Ali Tarhouni told CNN

"I really have no problem with waiting another week," he said Tuesday. "I've waited 42 years."

Rebels have told leaders in towns under loyalist control, including Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte, to surrender or face attack by the weekend.

Tarhouni said he wast still optimistic about the possibility of a peaceful outcome and revealed that one of Gaddafi’s sons is in negotiations with the rebels.

"There is really nothing to negotiate," he said. "What we offered – and are still offering – is that (if) they surrender, they will be safe, they will be brought to court under international supervision, and that's basically the deal on the table. Take it or leave it."

However Gaddafit’s son Saaadi Gadhafi told CNN by email that he will not surrender.

"Since they don't want to negotiate, I don't think I will go to them and surrender myself,"

"They have already killed thousands of people and destroyed the country. I'd rather surrender myself to a real government than … to those guys."

Gaddafi is still on the run after the rebels occupied Tripoli a week ago.

The UN have stated that urgent action was needed to avoid a humanitarian disaster in the capital which still has little running water or sanitation

In the UK, meanwhile, David Cameron called for justice for the family murdered policewoman Yvonne Fletcher after diplomat Matouk Mohammed Matouk, suspected of masterminding her killing, was located by the rebels.

"Obviously I want justice for Yvonne Fletcher's family. There is an ongoing police investigation, and I'm sure that the new authorities in Libya will co-operate fully with that investigation,"  Cameron said.

Another suspect, Abdulgader al-Baghdadi is believed to have been killed in the fighting.

PC Fletcher, 25, was gunned down outside the Libyan embassy in London in 1984


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