Sky's Alex Crawford scooped her rival broadcasters on Sunday night by reporting the rebels’ advancement on Tripoli from the back of a pick up truck.

Dressed in helmet and flak jacket the award winning journalist informed viewers that the rebels, some of whom she was travelling with, appeared to be sweeping through the city unopposed by Gaddafi's forces.

While Crawford broadcasted direct from the rebel convoy the BBC and other networks remained trapped by pro-Gadaffi guards in a nearby hotel.

Crawford’s dramatic footage, which captured deafening cheers and the sound of celebratory gunfire was viewed worldwide and saw Crawford trending on Twitter.

The BBC meanwhile only managed some footage from the outskirts of the city and were even later than Sky in broadcasting Libyan spokesman Moussa Ibrahim’s press conference.

The footage was reportedly captured using an Apple Mac Pro laptop in conjunction with a mini-satellite dish powered by a car cigarette lighter socket.

A Sky News spokeswoman said: “Alex Crawford has once again proved that she is an exceptional journalist.”

“Her reporting throughout the Libyan conflict has been world-class.”

A BBC spokeswoman declined to comment however Kevin Bakhurst, controller of the BBC News channel, Tweeted: "All credit to Alex Crawford and her team for her very brave reporting from Tripoli. It looks incredibly dangerous. Many teams on that convoy decided it was too risky/dangerous to continue with rebels – which I also respect."


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