❚ When things were good, boxing legend Mike Tyson spent £1.3m on a bathtub, which he bought for his first (now ex-) wife. It almost makes the £92,415 he spent on two Bengal tigers look like chump change.

❚ Seemingly level-headed Daniel Radcliffe once spent £11,251 on a custom-made Savoir mattress. Wonder how many gold Galleons that would be?

❚ Nicolas Cage once famously shelled out £182,455 on a dinosaur skull. Titanic actor Leonardo DiCaprio also had his eye on it, and it took a fierce bidding war before Cage won the beast at auction.

❚ Charlie Sheen bought a limited edition football table for £16,526. What made it so special? The players were made out
of Barbie dolls.


Harisha Ngra, 20
Job: Student
From: Sri Lanka
Lives: City

How do you budget?
I put funds into essential categories such as Oyster and phone before I put money into the miscellaneous one.

Do you have any tips for saving money in London?
I avoid posh lunches, and try to manoeuvre my Oyster so I don’t pay for zone one to four. I pay for zone two to four, then take the bus in zone one.

Your last big blow-out?
School. Uni is expensive.

What non-essential items do you spend money on?
Electronics. I know I don’t need them, but I can’t stop buying the newest video games when they come out.


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