Lohan had hoped to reveal the results of her $1million shoot on the Ellen Degeneres show on December 15 but someone else got to it first and decided to share it with the world.

Lohan is snapped wearing only a pair of black high heels but sitting on a big PLayboy bunny logo chair to protect her modesty.

She is seen pouting into the camera with bright red lips, matching her seat and the curtains in the backdrop.

It wasn’t all plain sailing for the celebrity though – she had to reshoot the photos after the first batch did nothing to impress aging Playboy boss Hugh Hefner.

He was, however, impressed with the final result.

‘It’s a classic tribute, inspired by the original Tom Kelley nude pictorial of Marilyn Monroe,” Hefner said. “[It’s] classy, very classy.”

At the time Lindsay posed for Playboy, Dina Lohan, Lindsay’s mother, described the shoot as “tastefully done”.

“It was an opportunity for her and she’s done thousands and thousands of covers, so this was just something…she’s 25 now. It was just something that was her decision…we have a contractual say in how far it goes and her and Mr. Hefner will decide.”

Playboy is investigating how the leak happened and Lohan’s representative has so far declined to comment.