Frontman Damon Albarn, who has enjoyed success post-Blur with Gorillaz and supergroup The Good, The Bad and The Queen, commented that it is nice to receive recognition for their work and achievements. 

“It’s great to have recognition for all the work and all the heartache and all the joy that has gone into this band,” he said. 

Blur disbanded in 2002 after guitarist Graham Coxon left the band to pursue a solo career. The group reformed though in 2009 for a set of reunion gigs in Hyde Park and revealed only last month that they regularly meet up and have even recorded some new material as a group.

“Being in a band this long is kind of like time travel,” Coxon says. “We’re the same band we ever were, we’ve just landed in a different era. Or possibly, we’re a totally different Blur still playing the old tunes in 1991… forever. I haven’t decided, but it’s always nice to get a Brit award.”

Blur and Oasis famously lead the Britpop charge in the Nineties, the two bands pitched against each other in a war of the pop charts when they both released singles – Country House and Roll With It respectively – in the same week in 1995.