The film Hancock became HanC**k and kids TV show Dick and Dom became D**k and Dom.

Arsenal’s Match of the Day 2 was censored to Manchester City v A***nal, while Jarvis Cocker’s BBC 6Music radio show became Jarvis C**ker’s Sunday Service.

Dad Richard Matthews, 45, from Barnes, south west London, said: “I thought it must be a computer glitch. It was drawing attention to things which weren’t even swear words.”

Virgin Media blamed “a temporarily over-zealous profanity checker” it had employed and said the words had been changed back.

A spokeswoman for the media service said in a statement: “The altered titles have been swiftly an*lysed and we’re fixing any remaining glitches.”

Other examples were Never Mind the Buzzc**ks and The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff, a Charles D**kens spoof.

This isn’t the first time that filters haven’t done what they were supposed to – Scunthorpe residents were once barred from registering with AOL.

The American Family Association also renamed sprinter Tyson Gay, after deciding that “gay” should be replaced by “homosexual”.
The headline read: “Homosexual eases into 100m final at Olympic trials.”

Spam filters were also blamed when Canadian magazine The Beaver closed, when bosses said it was confused for a porn site.