Every year Travelodge releases a list of the looniest requests from guests over the past 12 months at their 513 hotels. 

And this year doesn’t disappoint with some genuine doozies among the 200,000 eccentric requests made to staff. 

While some are clearly taking the piss, others just make you wonder how stupid some people really are. 

Be intrigued or amused by the following, we won’t judge. 

We’ll start off with the mickey being taken… “Does my Jaguar count as a cat in your pets policy?” “Can you tell me how many stars are in the sky tonight?” “Can you tell me how many beans are included in my breakfast?”

And then we start to wonder when their Gatwick hotel got asked this: “Does the plane pull up outside the hotel or do you drive us to the plane in the morning for my flight to the Caribbean?”

Well, it is “airport accommodation”. 

“Our hotel teams will always try their best to accommodate customer requests but there are just some requests that we just can’t help with, such as changing the weather or counting the stars in the sky,” said Travelodge spokeswoman Shakila Ahmed.

Fair enough, here’s some more of our favourites: 

“I have lost my friend in the city centre – can you please go and find him for me?” (Birmingham Moor Street) 

“Can I walk to Buckingham Palace or do I need to take a bus?” (Buckingham, 63.7 miles from Buckingham Palace) 

“Does your pet policy cover reptiles? I never go anywhere without my 6ft long monitor lizard” (Lowestoft)

“Do you have any rooms that I can clean? I like to clean” (Derby Pride Park… our house?)

“My cat is bald – will she still be covered in your pet policy?” (Grantham A1)

“Do the chips contain potato? I am watching my carbs” (Edinburgh Central Princes St)

“What time does the 1pm gun salute go off at Edinburgh Castle?” (Edinburgh Central Queen Street)

“Can you please store my lobster in your freezer?” (Edinburgh Musselburgh)

“Can you call Windsor Castle and find out if the Queen is in?” (Windsor Central)

“Where is the garden?” (London Covent Garden)

“I have brought a 24 hour car-parking ticket – how long does that cover me for?” (Bournemouth)

“Can I park my horse and carriage in your car park?” (Blackpool Central)

“Can the hotel team read and act a bed time story for my children?” (Hastings)

“Can I borrow your suit as I have a big job interview and I have left my suit at home?” (Edinburgh Central)