Now one of the three lucky enough to have caught a ‘glimpse’ of Nessie are in line to win the Best Nessie Sighting of the Year award, which has not been claimed for almost a decade.

Holidaymakers William and Joan Jobes caught a snap of the famed creature from the deep in May last year. William was walking along the coast when he sported something out in the water but by the time he had taken out his camera the ‘head’ he had seen had disappeared below the waterline. However, with camera still in hand he snapped away and caught in his viewfinder a small, dark, ‘hump’ which protruded from the water.

Obviously buoyed by this fanfare, the plesiosaur decided to pop up another two times, once in June when a café-owning couple spotted a long-necked creature, and once in September when fisherman captured a dark shape in the water while photographing a rainbow.

Bookmaker William Hill will announce the winner of the prize later this year.