Apparently Lundy had a bet on with British sports minister Hugh Robertson and although the London 2012 Olympics are not yet over, it now almost impossible that Australia cold overtake Britain in the medals table.

The loser of the bet had agreed to don their counterpart’s Olympic kit for a public display of humiliation. Now it seems that person must be Lundy.

“There are a lot people back home wishing we have more gold medals,” Lundy told BBC Radio 4’s World at One programme.

“But we’re not shy about serving it up ourselves from time to time, so I think what goes around comes around. I am sure we will have our day in the golden sun once again.”

Of the bet, Lundy said: “I cheerfully conceded I will be rowing out at Eton Dorney, we did have our medal bet on in our traditional wager. This time, you guys are on top.

“Equally if it was the other way around I am sure minister Robertson would have been cheerful enough to put on a kookaburras shirt and dribble that hockey ball around Australia house, but that won’t be happening.”

Team GB currently are currently third in the medal table with 19 gold medals while Australia are 19th with just two golds.


Image 1: Kate Lundy
Image 2: Barbara Parker of Great Britain holds hands with Eloise Wellings of Australia after the Women’s 5000m heats (Getty)