The clash between Australia and Britain was one of the most exciting events of the London 2012 Olympics so far with both countries proud of their cycling athletes.

Australia’s Jack Bobridge, Glenn O’Shea, Rohan Dennis and Michael Hepburn, the second fastest qualifiers, came in 2.922 behind the Brits.

Australia’s men’s team pursuit team finish second behind the British team to win the silver medal. Great effort guys!” tweeted the official Australian Olympic team.

Others on Twitter were less kind about the sports-proud nation’s failure to win gold.

Luke Aaron Moore wrote: “This Olympics for Australia – ‘The Lol God cometh, and lo he bringeth many, many lols. There shall be a veritable sea of them.”

While Daniel Brigham tweeted: “Didn’t Australia used to be good at things? I mean, look at the state of Neighbours these days.”


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