The hefty management fee is under scrutiny from the government with PM David Cameron vowing swift vengeance, saying “Let’s be clear, if G4S don’t fulfil their contract we will go after them for the money to make sure that they help pay for the military personnel that have been brought in.”

Sports minister Hugh Robertson, who was asked at a press confernce about the money that could be recouped from G4S for their blunder, said “We are working through that at the moment. But all the penalty clauses that are in the contract will be activated.”

The bid that G4S intended to put forwards to provide security for the upcoming World Cup and Olympics in Brazil will now no longer go ahead.

G4S boss Nick Buckles is now under pressure to quit his £830,000 a year job.

“It’s a humiliating shambles, Mr Buckles,” said Labour minister David Winnick at today’s Commons Home Affairs Select Committee.

“I cannot disagree with you,” admitted Buckles.


And, to add insult to injury, here’s the G4S theme tune. Sounds a bit like Bon Jovi meets Team America. Amazing.

Lyrics via The New Statesman:

You love your job and the people too
Making a difference is what you do
But consider all you have at stake
The time is now don’t make a mistake
Because the enemy prowls, wanting to attack
But we’re on the wall, we’ve got your back
So get out front and take the lead
And be the winner you were born to be
G4S! protecting the world
G4S! so dreams can unfurl
24/7 every night and day
A warrior stands ready so don’t be afraid
G4S! secure in your world
G4S! let your dreams unfurl
We’re guarding you with all our might
Keeping watch throughout the night