According to reports, online bookmaker suspended betting on who will be the Aussie Olympic flag bearer after a lot of money was put on Jackson.

A spokesman told the Sydney Morning Herald: “There was basically no action this morning and then at about 2pm we had a heap of money come in at once.

“When you cut the price to something that’s ridiculously skinny [Jackson was today backed from AU$4.50 into AU$1.50 favourite] and people are still trying to get on for whatever they can, you think the cat may be out of the bag.”

It was confirmed today that the flag bearer had been chosen, but the official announcement will not be made until this evening.

Jackson, 31, competes in her fourth Olympics this year.

Other sportsmen and women who attracted bets for Aussie flag bearer included volleyballer Natalie Cook, swimmer Leisel Jones, cyclists Stuart O’Grady and Cadel Evans and shooter Michael Diamond.

Australian chef de mission Nick Green managed to add fuel to the fire when he let slip that no cyclists would be marching in the opening ceremony.

He said: “As far as we’re aware at the moment there’s no cyclists … marching in the opening ceremony.

“No cyclists. None. Zero.”

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