On Sunday night, gold medal hopeful Wiggins tweeted that his Team GB kit had been stolen, telling his followers: “Watch your kit at the Foxhills spa in Surrey, there is a tea leaf about.”

Wiggins fans were surprised when, instead of an apology, the hotel appeared to pat the thief on the back. In a statement, the Surrey hotel said:

“Upon returning back to the locker room it seems that Cycling Fever has well and truly really hit the Surrey club as the Official Team GB training lycra were nowhere to be seen. It seems an overzealous fan has scored a fantastic London 2012 souvenir.”

The next development in mishandled incident was another tweet from Wiggins saying he had to remove his earlier post about the theft as it was “bad PR”.

The hotel has since tried to sort out the situation with yet more tweeting, explain that in fact it does not condone enthusiastic fans entering its premises to steal clothes from the athletes.

Fans will be relieved to know that Wiggins had back-up kit and will not be competing naked in today’s men’s time trials.




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