Booth, 21, rowed in the London 2012 men’s eight on Wednesday, then apparently went out drinking and, in his fever of Olympic excitement, caused damage to a shop front in Egham, Surrey.

It has now been reported that Booth will be asked to pay £1,400 for the shop to be repairs and to apologise to its owners.

Australian deputy chef de mission Chris Fydler said he was disappointed in the Aussie rower.

“We expect higher standards from our athletes,” he said.

“This has been an embarrassing situation not just for rowing but for us as well.”

On Wednesday, Booth and the Australian team finished sixth in the London 2012 six-crew final of the eight at Eton Dorney, in which Germany came first.

Following that, he went out drinking and was later arrested for damaging a shop front.

When Booth was taken to the police station, he fainted and hit his head whereupon he was taken to hospital but shortly released.