Speaking to news channel NDTV, Madhura Nagendra said: “[It was an] error of judgement [that] I landed up walking with the athletes. I think I have hurt the sentiments of my people. I apologise.”

Miss Nagenda was a cast member at the ceremony but got caught up in the moment and wound up walking out with the Indian team, the red top she was wearing at the time earning her the nickname ‘the woman in red’.

Her actions, though, angered many who took to social media platforms to vent their frustration at her actions.

“Who does she think she is? It’s so disrespectful for her to walk ahead of all these athletes who devoted years of their lives to getting to the Olympics,” said one commenter.

“They’ve given up hours of their lives, committed to their sports and disciplines, and she does a dance in the ceremony and thinks she can steal the glory. Pathetic.”

Photo: Getty.

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