Gold medallist Lochte, who is set for an epic Olympic showdown with rival record-breaking compatriot Michael Phelps tonight, says it was a mistake coming to the last Olympics as a taken man.

Lochte told ESPN magazine that 70 to 75 per cent of athletes in the Olympic Village will have sex with their fellow athletes during the London 2012 Games

“My last Olympics, I had a girlfriend. Big mistake,” Lochte said. “Now I’m single, so London should be really good. I’m excited.”

Confirming his playboy reputation is Lochte’s mum, who recently said “He goes out on one-night stands. He’s not able to give fully to a relationship because he’s always on the go.”

Like many scantily clad Olympic swimmers, Lochte has an army of female fans who couldn’t give a toss about how many medals he wins.

The U.S. swimming poster boy knows how to cash in on his sex symbol status and has endorsements that including AT&T and Gillette, both of which require him to wander around in his budgie smugglers.

On the serious side, Lochte and Phelps compete against each other for the last time in the 200-meter individual medley tonight.


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