London employees should have longer lunch breaks and more flexible hours during the 2012 Olympic games, says ACAS, a company that deals with employment disputes.

??Businesses throughout the capital were urged to keep open communication with workers, who may have requested time off to watch Olympic sporting events.

??In order to keep down the number of absences within companies, ACAS also encouraged businesses to permit longer lunch hours and rearrange working hours to compensate for time off and delayed travel time.

"Big sporting occasions can present a number of dilemmas for firms who might be worried about the impact of less-productive employees or the after-effects of lively celebrations,” said ACAS CEO, John Taylor.

??Taylor also said planning was crucial in order to “avoid problems later on.”??

"If you've been lucky enough to get tickets for the Olympics you certainly don't want to find you can't get the time off work,” he said.

Sounds good to us.