Huge blocks of seats have remained unfilled, even at the sought-after swimming finals last night. Organisers have been forced to begin filling empty seats with free tickets to troops, teachers and students.

The empty blocks of seats have been blamed on tickets given to sponsors, who were given around 8% of all Olympics tickets. Vacant seats have also been blamed more recently on athletes, media, and sports federations who have not chosen to use their tickets.

Lord Coe, Olympics boss, maintains that venues were “stuffed to the gunwales,” despite reports that huge blocks of seats remained empty. He claims that the pictures do not reflect what is actually happening in the stadiums.

Tessa Jowell, Shadow Olympics minister has stated that tickets not used by people should be resold, though that is not the plan of organisers so far.

Locog has begun an investigation into why tickets are not being used.

Meanwhile, Scotland Yard has been cracking down on illegal ticket resellers. Around 20 people have been arrested since the Opening Ceremonies for ticket resales, according to Scotland Yard. Every person arrested has been reselling foreign VIP tickets.
 “We owe it to the team, we owe it to British sports fans the length and breadth of the country to make sure they get the opportunity to come to this unique occasion at the Olympic Games,” said Lord Moynihan, chairman of the British Olympic Association, to the Daily Mail.

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