The scene From outside, The Craft Beer Co. looks like a pub from a film set – it’s the very model of how a pub should look.

But it’s in fact one in an independent chain whose devotion to good beer has won a staunch following.

Launched in 2011, they have four sites now and the latest in Angel may be its most fetching.

Oddly, the most noticeable feature on entry is the thick, red, luxuriant carpet.

Stripped wooden floors have become ubiquitous with cool pubs in the past decade, but here it’s a glorious throwback – coupled with the deep, racing green walls, it makes this drinking hole more welcoming than any I’ve encountered in London.

The span of generations among patrons is also uncommon.

It isn’t infested with students, nor is it an ‘old mans’ pub’ – it seems good beer brings people together.

The bar may be small but it’s always well-staffed, and a cosy garden provides a retreat for smokers. 

The grub Crisps and nuts – if you want food, go to a restaurant. 

Behind the bar Despite all of its perks, comfortably the best thing about The Craft Beer Co. is the variety and quality of its beer menu, an incredible array of globally sourced craft brews and ales.

Seriously awesome.

Bill please Pints and spirits from £3.20, wine from £4 per glass.

Verdict I’ll say it without reservation or exception: this, in my opinion, is the best pub in London. 

%TNT Magazine% stars%TNT Magazine% stars 5

55 White Lion St, N1 9PP  
Tube | Angel