Over the last financial year, crime in the capital was down 6% on the previous 12 months – that’s 46,500 fewer beatings, burglaries and general blackguardly behaviour.

In a nutshell, the number of murders crept up by three to 110, but robberies this year fell by 19% – the lowest level for 15 years.

Reports of domestic abuse were up 11% and recorded rapes soared by almost one third while burglaries, at 7,500, were at 8% down to a 40-year low and the incidence of gun and knife crimes fell.

Another of the capital’s uglier aspects was reflected in a 3% increase in racist and religious hate crime and a 6% hike in homophobic offences.

And which area of London has the grubbiest reputation for crime?

Tower Hamlets? Hackney? Islington? Camden? Newham? Lewisham? Lambeth? Southwark?


It’s Westminster by a mile unless, of course, you count the City – which isn’t in these latest crime figures because it has its own police force but on some counts is evidently even worse.

The Met’s press bureau told us it was probably something to do with population.We know he couldn’t have meant politicians and bankers. Could he?

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