Sex Guru: Sexological Comedy Show

The Sexological Comedy Show is part stand-up, part group therapy session, which takes sex and our anxieties about it and delivers an hour and a half show that is as much about laughing and sniggering as it is about teaching.

So get ready to share. Austria’s most prominent sex guru looks to solve the battle of the sexes, once and for all.

How do I get my girlfriend to have a threesome?

Does my boyfriend notice when I fake an orgasm?

The answers to these and more can be found within. Take note.  

£18, Fri & Sat, Mar 1-Apr 6, 9.30pm 
Leicester Square Theatre, WC2H 7BX  
Tube | Leicester Square


Lady Rizo

The lady in question is a mainstay on the Big Apple’s cabaret scene and brings her superb show – music, cabaret, an encounter behind a curtain with one brave and lucky punter – to the Soho Theatre to show why she is such a celebrated act.

In a year in which cabaret in London is bigger than ever, she’s one not to miss.

£10, until Mar 9 (not Sun, Mon),
9.45pm W1D 3NE  
Tube | Tottenham Crt Rd


Falling: A Part

Photographer Thomas Zanon-Larcher is most well-known for his snaps of supermodels, particularly catching them at their most unguarded backstage.

Here, however, he employs the ladies to act as if caught unawares in public spaces.

It’s a jarring exhibition that straddles what is manufactured and what is real.

Free, Until Mar 9,
10am-6pm SE1 9LR  
Tube | London Bridge


High tech, low life doco

This fascinating documentary looks at the lives of two Chinese bloggers – Zola and Tiger Temple – and the risks they take in their fight to tell the untold stories from their homeland.

A powerful portrait of a nation in flux and evolution, in which the future is within reach, but where the past still exacts a hold over the present.  

£7 Feb 28, 7.15pm 
Dochouse, W6 9RL 
Tube | Hammersmith

%TNT Magazine% 14. Rain Room Installation images Felix Clay. Rain Room Random International 2012. Courtesy of Barbican Art Gallery 750

Rain Room

Living in the UK, this is a dream come true – the ability to control the rain!

This fantastic installation from Random International, which has had people queuing round the block to give it a go, closes this week.

Rain Room puts you in the middle of a downpour without you getting wet – the rain falls around but not on you, as your movements control its fall.

We wish we could take this out with us come summertime!

Until Mar 3, Mon-Sat, 9am-11pm.
Sun, 12pm-11pm Barbican,
Silk Street, EC2Y 8DS  
Tube | Barbican 


Alien Revolution

Are we alone in the universe? If not, what shape would aliens take? And what would they make of us?

These are the questions this new exhibition at the Royal Observatory considers through science (the how, what and why) and culture (sci-fi speculations and movies).

More like ET and less like Alien we hope.

Free, Mar 1-Aug 2013,
10am-5pm SE10 8XJ  
Tube | Cutty Sark


Stand up for Shelter

A top line-up of stand-up acts comes together for this show for the homelessness charity Shelter, including Aussie legend Tim Minchin, one-liner genius Jimmy Carr, word-play king Stewart Francis, impressionist Alistair McGowan and musos The Cuban Brothers, too.

Enjoy the world class gags and dig deep. 

£30, Feb 27, 7.30pm 
Hammersmith Apollo, W6 9QH 
Tube | Hammersmith

Photos: Felix Clay