When she’s not busy taking on paparazzi or dressing up like a swan for the red carpet, Bjork is also the world’s most daring, avant garde pop princess, and she’s bringing her outstanding Biophilia stage show to London for what will be a very special night indeed. 

Since premiering at the Manchester International Festival two years ago, Björk has taken her Biophilia tour round the globe, stunning and delighting everywhere it goes. The album itself, Björk’s eighth, released in 2011, was not just another record. Far from it.

Taking three years to make, it was released with a group of iPad and iPhone apps, was intended as part of a children’s educational project “using sound, texts and visuals” and was made using a load of specially invented instruments (example: a gravity harp). As well as this impressive contraption, it had 10 absolutely stunning songs on it, too. With such ambition in the project from the outset, you can imagine that the stage show is quite something else. 

Putting musical and performance innovation at the top of the bill, the show is not your usual pop-filled, outfit-changing night out. It features a Tesla coil alongside its invented instruments, an Icelandic female choir, TV screens presenting specially designed visuals for each song, and an introduction and betwixt song explanations by British national treasure David Attenborough.

Audiences worldwide have been stunned by the show’s spectacle and ambition – tickets might not be cheap, but you won’t see anything like this for a while. 

Alexandra Palace, N22 7AYTUE, 
Sep 3 | Doors at 6.30pm |  £65+  
Tube |  Wood Green  

Photo: Getty