One thing’s for sure, though: with Eels, you are guaranteed nothing short of an amazing show. 

Debut Beautiful Freak hit the big time back in 1996, singles Novocaine For The Soul and Coming Over To Susan’s House finding their way to the top of the charts. Then Eels followed it up with an equally as excellent, if a little more sombre, Electro Shock Blues, a record influenced by Everett’s sister’s suicide and his mother’s diagnosis with terminal cancer. Fun topics for mainstream pop!

Since this he has forged a career that has managed the uniquely twin achievements of maintaining creativity – no two albums sound alike, yet all remain unmistakably Eels – without sacrificing commercial success. 

Follow up Daisies Of The Galaxy returned to the more upbeat pop-focused sounds of Freak, 2001’s Souljacker brought a heavier, rock-based approach and then two years later emerged Shootenanny!, which was recorded in just 10 days.

In 2009 Eels released Hombre Lobo, the first installment in a trilogy of concept albums – not the usual way to make it in the music business, yet it was a move that further cemented Everett’s passion and drive to push his creative boundaries. Their 10th studio album, this year’s Wonderful, Glorious, is a far more straight up release that rolls Eels’ idiosyncratic career all together into one. 

Shepherd’s Bush Empire, W12 8TT
Sat, Sep 7 | Doors at 7pm |  £23.50  
Tube | Shepherd’s Bush