I spent 5 days in Russia, flying into St Petersburg and out of Moscow, getting a 6 hour train in between. As I wasn’t going for long or on a tour I wanted to organise the visa myself. A lot of people have asked me how to do it so hopefully you will find this information useful!

The Russian Consulate in London provides a checklist for your application. You will need a current passport, visa application form, passport photo, invitation & tourist voucher (see below) and a return special delivery envelope (with your address). You will also need to book your flights and accommodation before applying as they ask you in your application.

The cost for a single entry visa costs £45 (paid by postal order) and your invitation and tourist voucher costs 30 US (approx £20). I recommend using Get Russian for your invitation and tourist voucher. You receive the documents by email within 24 hours. Once you have all the documents completed and together, send them special delivery to the Russian Consulate in London. All the information you need is on these two sites. If you’re lazy you can even pay Get Russian to do it all for you.

Invitation & Tourist Voucher (also called visa support)

Russian Consulate in London

Hope you find this helpful!!