Easy Roommate, iPhone Free
Tell the app your location and it’ll map out the nearest available flatshares to you. Or if you’re renting out a room, you can check out profiles of all the potential housemates in the area.

Bill Splitter
, iPhone £1.49
Enter the bills you get, split them between your housemates and note the payments you all make. A surefire way to avoid any bad arguments over who’s paid what.   

Housemates: A Survival Guide, iPhone, Blackberry £2.49
A humorous guide to living with nightmare roomies. It’ll make you thankful for what you’ve got.

Bromance calculator, iPhone Free
Screw figuring out the bills. What you really need to work out is who’s got your back. Based on loyalty, humour, honesty and, of course, wingmanship.

Pranktionary, Android £0.69
In need of some prankster inspiraton? This is a dictionary of pranks for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and anywhere else you can think of. Get your roomies back, for good.

Scary Camera, iTunes Free
Hand your phone to your housemate and ask them to take a picture. Pose and say ‘cheese’ – then watch them scream when they click the shutter and up pops a horror version of your face. Mwahahaha.