“I think the royal family should definitely do that, meet George before he gets turned into a handbag,” he suggested, hearing that the the Royals were due for a visit next year.

The London mayor is Down Under for a visit promote his book at the Melbourne Writers Festival, but stopped off for a trip to the Northern Teritory. Johnson has agreed to act as an ambassador for NT in Britain, saying “It’s mind-bogglingly beautiful and under-used and promoted.”

Johnson, visiting Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin, said he had previously encountered a salt water croc and knew to excercise caution, despite giving the baby reptile a kiss on the nose.

“I’ve met those guys, you have to be very careful. I saw one eat a barramundi in a very decisive way.” he said, according to Australia’s Daily Telegraph.

“George is the lucky one – he gets to stay alive forever,” said Wade Huffman, manager at Crocosaurus Cove.